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Ecosphere is a social enterprise which is a collaborative effort of the local community of Spiti and professionals from diverse backgrounds, with a wide spectrum of skills and experience, effectively spanning the bridge from the general to the niche.

Our focus is to create sustainable livelihoods that are linked to nature and culture conservation. As a social enterprise it is our mandate to address the triple bottom-line of conservation, development and economies, which also forms the very foundation of our genesis.

Our passion for conservation, mountain travel and adventure is the fulcrum of our coming together for this venture. Some of us have college and university educations that strongly support our claims. Other members of the team have (adrenaline) educations that no educational institution can provide.

We have wandered the Himalayas (and will continue to do so) and most people we have come across have been awed by its grandeur, very few have remained untouched. We wish for this great legacy
of the Himalayas to thrive so that future generations can equally savour its beauty and bounties.

We have a commitment not only to the development of the place, people and resources of this region but also to the outside world with whom we wish to share this rich natural and cultural heritage and the traditional knowledge of healing and health.

We endeavour to provide an opportunity to all, to become active participants in giving back to the region through our range of activities and products which enhance local economies, link up to nature & culture conservation and overall development of the region...