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At Ecosphere we are constantly striving to work towards practical solutions and means of addressing the larger issue of developing a model of sustainable development in the region. Thanks to a team filled with diverse skill sets and passion for the mountains, Ecosphere is constantly attempting to refine the old and ring in the new. We’re doing our best to give everyone something fresh and meaningful, something different every year.

Well here’s what you should look out for in the coming years.

Environment Education in schools
Empowerment and development can take place only if people become aware and understand the issues and problems around them. What better way to start, than by educating children!

An initiative that is soon going to start across schools in Spiti, aims at introducing interactive environment education programs and activities.
Artificial Glaciers

Ecosphere is in the process of initiating research for setting up an artificial glacier in the highland villages of Spiti. The purpose of the same is to assist the farming community to be able to cultivate more land than what they are able to currently, due to shortage of water. Mr Chhewang Norphel (also known as the Ice Man from Ladakh) an award winning rural engineer is assisting us in the same.

Ecosphere’s Green Guide Book on Spiti
We are all trying to do our best to make earth where we wish to live responsibly and not to make it merely the ground for our homes. Take a look at Ecosphere’s brand new Green Guide Book on Spiti that’ll help you travel responsibly not only in Spiti but give you tips on how to make your travels responsible anywhere else in the world as well!
In our endeavor to sensitize travelers and Spitians so that the valley can remain a responsible eco friendly destination, we are working towards making a short documentary on life in Spiti which would showcase its natural and cultural heritage while sensitising travelers and communities on how to ensure that it remains preserved. The film would also cover aspects such as the hardships, the life, the people, their unique culture and ecology of the region.
Even though we’re tucked away in isolation in the valley, nothing can stop us from sharing with you our learnings, developments
and experiences. We’d love for you to subscribe to our upcoming newsletter with interesting past, present and future details about
the happenings at Spiti Ecosphere.

Ecosphere’s Library
Through book’s one learns, explores, discovers and experiences.
Feel free to visit our Ecosphere library in Kaza. We can’t boast of a wide collection of books but we can guarantee you’ll find something interesting! You could also donate books and help us expand.

Bio-gas project

The introduction of alternative means of energy and measures to tackle waste are priority in the region due to the rapid transition that Spiti is witnessing where it is quickly stepping out of its ancient isolation.

Kaza, which is the main urban centre of Spiti has hordes of guest houses, restaurants and small dhabas catering primarily to the travelers, which generate a huge mass of biodegradable waste. This waste can be easily used for generating biogas whereby it serves as an additional source of cooking fuel for these small businesses and also as a means to tackle the issue of disposing this waste. To help make the lives of the locals simpler, more affordable and also to help protect the valley, Ecosphere is planning to set up a bio gas plant on a pilot scale.

Wind Energy

The development of renewable energy is one of the core objectives of Ecosphere in the region. Spiti’s peculiar geo-physical location makes the availability of wind a good source of renewable energy. However, due to lack of reliable wind data it is difficult to promote this source of renewable energy. Yet we feel that local knowledge is a good source of information and based on this and some data that is available from government records, experiments are being planned for the coming year to convert and use this renewable source of energy. Ecosphere is looking at options like individual rooftop wind turbines and other feasible alternatives.

Educational Tours

The valley is a treasure trove of knowledge. Be it the rich Buddhist culture, monasteries, history , the architectural heritage, dance
and art forms, flora and fauna, fossils, or the geological formations – there’s something in store for all. If you’d like to explore and experience any of these aspects of the valley explore our new educational tours in the valley.

We would be more than happy to get your suggestions and ideas on these upcoming projects. If you wish to volunteer in any of these do write to us at [email protected]