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Conservation & Development

Mountain ecosystems and economies share an intricate balance of space for opportunities. Whereas livelihoods are a critical area of concern for the development needs of the regions in question, ensuring the balance with the environment is equally critical to their sustainability. Spiti has been the nurturing ground for various initiatives of Muse, Spiti Seabuckthorn Society and Spiti Trans-Himalayan Action Group who have been working in the Spiti valley for over 10 years on a wide array of development and conservation issues. These organisations have come together under a common platform - Ecosphere - to ensure that each one's strengths can be directed towards the realisation of a common goal - sustainable development for the entire region. Some of the projects that these organisations have been involved in are focussed on:

  • Livelihood generation from local surpluses such as Seabuckthorn & other wild and organic produce with the aim of enabling the conservation of indigenous natural resources through the linkage of economics to conservation.
  • Promotion & development of responsible eco-travel in the valley to enable tourism to be profitable for local communities, ecology, culture and travellers alike.
  • Promotion of Green Houses as a means of providing fresh vegetables to the local populace through out the year, besides providing an additional income source.
  • Providing energy efficient housing solutions through the development of Solar Passive Houses which in turn contribute to mitigating impacts of global warming.
  • Revival and promotion of local handicraft aiding in their conservation as well assisting the local women with an additional income source.
  • Addressing wildlife conservation issues through addressing issues of human-wildlife conflicts and improving livestock herding practices.
  • Initiatives to manage waste and reduce plastic waste generation through set up of water refilling systems, garbage management in villages.
  • The Dhankhar Initiative – Restoration of the Dhankhar Monastery structure, frescos and thangkas.
  • All the above projects aim at establishing the triple bottom line linkage of livelihoods, conservation and development. Ecosphere uses all revenues it generates for conservation and development activities.
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