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Solar Equipment

For renewable energy to find a strong foothold within the valley Ecosphere has been trying to make its approach more holistic by introducing a variety of other solar items in the region which compliment the solar passive houses and green houses. These are provided to the local community at a subsidised rate by Ecosphere. The solar equipment that is currently being promoted in the region is focussing on cutting down on fuel-wood consumption, thereby reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and black carbon. Some of the solar items that Ecosphere has introduced in the valley are -

  • Solar Water Geysers (Evacuated Tube Condensers)
  • Solar Parabolic Cookers (SK 14)
  • Solar Lanterns

Through the introduction of these items Ecosphere aims at enabling and assisting the locals in making their homes and traveller accommodations (homestays, hotels, guesthouses) more eco-friendly.

These items are available at the Ecosphere Shop in Kaza.