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Livelihoods & Conservation

One of the core objectives of Ecosphere is addressing issues pertaining to livelihood generation in the mountainous regions of the Trans-Himalayas and linking them to nature and culture conservation. We believe that conservation is possible only when the primary stakeholders are involved and are fully aware of the need for it and also the means to accomplish it. However, we also understand the fact that conservation happens best when their livelihoods are directly linked to it.

One of the main issues in the Trans-Himalayas is the limited livelihood alternatives available to the local communities. Most of the livelihoods are dependant on the resources of nature and their sustainability is linked to the conservation of the latter. Understanding the significance of the same Ecosphere started various initiatives that would enable us to put this core philosophy into practice.

Some of these initiatives are –

  • Seabuckthorn
  • Community Based and Responsible Eco-Travel
  • Handicrafts