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A traditional form of agriculture, better known to the modern world as organic, is just a mere way of life for the people of remote Trans-Himalayan regions such as Spiti.

The Trans-Himalayas are one of the most enigmatic places that continue to enchant humans across the globe. An irresistibly alluring moonscape, a thriving cultural heritage, a biological diversity as found nowhere else, a storehouse of traditional knowledge, a unique haven of environmental and spiritual integrity, a place where surely the gods must have lived.

Ecosphere brings to you some of the Himalayas best kept and little known secrets in a range of products that will rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

The unique ecosystems of these Trans-Himalayan regions are richly endowed with ‘naturals and organics’. Traditional practices and knowledge has enabled us to hand pick some of the most exotic and healthy fruits, herbs and crops as a rare and generous blessing from the Himalayas. Ecosphere has streamlined highly eco sensitized methods for extracting and sourcing these rare Himalayan herbs, fruits and crops.

By promoting indigenous produce, Ecosphere ensures the conservation of the regions diverse traditional crops and fruits, the promotion of organic agriculture, the overall health of the soil and sustainable livelihoods for the local populace.


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