Impactful Volunteering

Traveller to Changemaker

Experience life in Spiti as an insider while giving back meaningfully to the community

A journey where you become one with the place you visit. Live their lives, hear their stories, and in the process, understand their world – and perhaps yourself – a little better. At Ecosphere, we believe this is the path towards volunteering that truly makes a difference.

At Ecosphere we aim to transform volunteers from observers to insiders in Spitian life. Our programs create unforgettable and rewarding memories for you, while contributing to the sustainable development of Spiti.

The chance of a lifetime!

Volunteer Programs

Sign up for a range of volunteering programs that speak to you. Our volunteer programs aim to match
your skills and passions to the needs of Spiti and our various initiatives and projects. Run a café, help
out on a farm, teach, create art, or come up with unique ideas of your own!

Live & Volunteer at a Nunnery

A rare chance to experience life in a nunnery while you get closely involved in its day-to-day life.

April to Oct5 Days min.Nunnery
Teaching at a Nunnery

A unique opportunity to teach at a Buddhist Nunnery while immersing yourself in a mystical sanctuary!

May to Oct15 Days min.Nunnery
Run a Café in the Mountains

Get a taste of running a café and restaurant in the Indian Himalayas! Wait tables, sell local produce, and chat with fellow travelers at this hearth and heart of Kaza.

May to Oct1/2 Month, 1 MonthKaza
Saving Smiles

Play a part in enabling access to quality oral healthcare for remote rural communities. Volunteer or Intern to assist, support and document activities for Dental Camps in villages across Spiti.

June to Oct10 DaysKaza
Be a Changemaker

Do you have a skill or Big Idea or simply wish to put your learning to good use - in a way that could positively impact the communities who call this magnificent cold desert home?

May to Oct15 Days min.Kaza or other villages

Looking to connect classroom knowledge with real-world experience? Come over to Spiti for an internship of a lifetime 😊

May to Oct30 Days Min.Kaza or other villages
Create for a Cause

Calling creative geniuses with a keen eye for story telling, creating engaging visual and written content, designing souvenirs or whipping up culinary delights! Come and share your passions and make a difference.

May to Oct15 Days min.Kaza or other villages
Farmings Feats

A transformative journey as you live and a volunteer on a farm in the highlands of Spiti, where time slows down, and the rhythmic pulse of nature guides your every step!

April to Sept5 Days min.Village in Spiti

Travel & Volunteer

Your heart’s in it, but you’re short on time? Join curated travel programs where you can volunteer as you
journey across the mesmerizing Spiti Valley. Capture the essence of true Spitian life and make a difference to their
lives, leaving trails of happiness for everyone, everywhere.

Greening the Desert

Keen to make a lasting difference? Help build a greenhouse so local families can grow their own vegetables throughout the year and have life long access to nutrition!

May to Sept9 Days Travel & VolunteerManali
CustomizableFixed Departures
Journeys for Climate Action

Carry back everlasting memories as you travel meaningfully across surreal Spiti, making a difference to the people & the place.

May to Oct7 Days Travel & VolunteerManali
CustomizableFixed Departures
Life as a Local

When in Spiti, do as the Spitians do. Travel as an active participant in their lives, culture, and stories. Unforgettable travel experiences for you, enduring impact for the region and its people..

June to Oct7 Days ImmersionManali
CustomizableFixed Departures

Keen to make a lasting difference?

Meaningful Impact

You make Spiti an even better place.

Friendships for life

Connections that transcend language, culture, nationality, or economic differences

Become part of Spiti’s life and culture

Live their lives and hear their stories as an insider

Amazing fun!

Happiness for the body and soul – mountain-style!

Learn something new

Try things you’ve never done before

Life-changing experiences

Re-discover yourself as you discover Spiti

Dont just take our word for it!


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