Community Initiatives

Building Sustainability since 2002

Spiti is a stunning high-altitude cold desert nestled deep in the Himalayas.

But life in paradise comes with a catch. At average altitudes of 12,500 ft, the landscape here is arid, vegetation is scarce, and a six-month winter brings temperatures dipping as low as –30 degrees.

Livelihood options are limited and basic needs like food, water, electricity, and healthcare are difficult to access. More so in the winter months when everything freezes over and snowfall disrupts roads and power lines.

Building Sustainability since 2002

To address and find solutions to the pressing needs and challenges faced by the local community, MUSE, an NGO and Ecosphere, its social enterprise wing, have been working in Spiti since 2002 – long before this beautiful region was on the tourist map.

Balancing age-old mountain wisdom with looking into the future – our initiatives cover a broad spectrum and aim to create a synergy between the triple bottom line of economic empowerment, conservation and sustainable development contextual to Spiti’s ecosystem and culture.

Carbon Reduction & Renewable Energy

Harnessing the energy of the sun to provide clean solutions to Spitian homes and villages.

Climate Change & Water Access

Replenishing ground-water levels and enabling access to year-round drinking water supply

Food Access & Enhanced Nutrition

Building greenhouses to enable a year-round supply of fresh vegetables in the harsh climes of Spiti


Holistic healthcare interventions to ensure a better quality of life


Supporting & enhancing access to quality education

Animal Welfare

Feeding and sterilization of stray dogs for peaceful co-existence with local communities and preservation of the Spitian ecosystem

Livelihood & Conservation

Enabling livelihoods that are linked closely to conservation of nature and cultural heritage

Compassionate Communities

Enabling & supporting acts of Compassion

I Love Spiti

Collaborative actions to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Upcycle plastic waste in Spiti

What began in 2022 as an intervention to create additional livelihoods for local communities has grown over the years. Today, our work in encompasses a range of initiatives that address issues of climate change, access to water, education, healthcare, food & nutrition, reducing plastic pollution, and carbon reduction. Programs with a vision for the holistic and sustainable development of Spiti Valley.

Below is a chronological order of interventions through the years.

Our Partners

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of organizations that have helped us further our objectives.

Below are some of our technical and resource partners that have been instrumental and critical to the growth and progress of our various initiatives and programs.

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