Spiti has close to 70+ functional government schools and 3 private schools. Even though Government schooling is largely free, people prefer sending their children to private schools due to the quality of education imparted. However this is an expensive option.

Quality education in the rural villages of Spiti is a luxury many families cannot afford.


Moreover most villages in Spiti do not have easy access to High Schools and Senior Secondary Schools. The latter can be found only in a select few villages in the Valley. This results in high dropout rates, especially when it comes to girls from low-income families due to the expense associated with room and board in these villages.

Spiti does not have a college for the youth to pursue higher education. Most young people are compelled to leave for bigger cities such as Shimla or Chandigarh to study further. Since this becomes a huge financial expense on families, a number of children – especially the girls – do not study beyond school.

Every child should have the opportunity to receive a quality education
- Bill Frist






  • 16+ scholarships for completing school and college
  • 2 girls completed nursing & engineering

Scholarships are being provided for schooling and college with a focus on education for girls, along with support to children from low-income or single-parent families.

Make a Difference

Join us in shaping a child’s life and career!

Your contribution will help support the school/ college fees and expenses of a child.


INR 2500 will help put a child through school/college for a month

INR 30000 will help put a child through school/college for a year

Girls Hostel


  • 75+ girls supported to complete school

To enable girls from low incomes families to complete their 11th and 12th grades, we supported the running expenses of a girls hostel in Kaza. The hostel provided a safe space for girls from across the valley, without having to worry about their stay and finances. The hostel ran for over four years in this manner enabling 15 to 20 girls to complete school every year. Realising the need for such hostels, the Government has now set up a girls’ hostel along a similar model. The hostel has hence now been closed.

Library cum Learning Centre


  • 400+ books in the library

During the winter months, schools in Spiti remain closed for three months. Children are locked up in their respective homes without having much to do. In order to engage children in some activity and encourage reading, we set up a library in a space offered by a family in Chicham village. The library also serves as a learning center and offers a common space for children to come together, read, learn, play and borrow books.

Make a Difference

Join us in making learning more fun!

Contribute age-appropriate books, learning tools and games.

Come to Spiti and help run the children’s room.

Every volunteer makes a difference!

Children’s Play Room

In order to make learning more interesting, Joanna Smith whom we fondly call Jo (teacher from New Zealand), started a playroom for children in Kaza. Her objective was to inculcate learning through practical exposure, walks, art and craft, games and stories.

We supported Jo in paying the rent of the space where she ran her playroom. The government later provided a room in Kaza for the playroom.

Every Sunday we treat children in Kaza to a movie at our little theatre in Sol Café.

Environment Education

The environment education program was initiated with the prime objective of generating awareness about the environment amongst the children and ensuring that they grew up with a better understanding on aspects pertaining to the significance of the biodiversity of the region along with the need for its conservation.

In collaboration with Kalp Vriksh (Pune) and Snow Leopard Conservancy (Ladakh), we developed easy to understand yet interesting learning material in the form of games, interactive posters, and handbooks. Teachers from various schools were also trained so that they could run the programs on their own in their respective schools.

The program was run as a pilot in 7 schools and it was a roaring success.

Other Initiatives

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