Journeys of Change

Travel with us and Make a Difference to the People and Places you visit

Ecosphere is a social enterprise born out of love for the Himalayas and its people.

We’re local, passionate about conservation and mountain travel, and deeply committed to creating a sustainable future.

We’re committed, Not just to sustainable development for the mountains and its people, but also to YOU – the mindful and curious traveller. Few things bring us more joy than sharing this rich natural and cultural heritage with others.

Through our range of programs and products, we hope to give everyone the opportunity to become a part of Spiti's story and make a lasting impact in the Himalayas.

Since 2002, Ecosphere, along with its founder MUSE (an NGO) have together spearheaded community initiatives to transform lives in Spiti Valley.

When the mountains call and everyone must go, we choose to go differently. Discover rare, authentic travel experiences and change how you see Spiti - while leaving behind everlasting impact and memories in the hearts of its people.

Zero carbon footprint
Million unforgettable memories
Infinite smiles per mile!

Surreal Safaris

Spectacular road trips that capture the essence of Spiti. A perfect blend of culture, nature, and adventure.

Himalayan Treks & Trails

Trek pristine Himalayan trails and walk along ancient trade routes, high passes, and forgotten cultural trails

Spiritual Sojourns

Home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and temples in the world, discover Spiti’s mystical inner-scape of traditional Tibetan-Buddhist culture.


Track wildlife and wild habitats on the roof of the world, and spot the elusive Snow Leopard while you’re at it!

Fixed Departures

A handpicked list of Ecosphere programs that pack in the best of Spitian culture, nature, and mountain life. These programs run on different dates throughout the year.

January February March April
May June July August September
October November December

Day Trips

Short but culturally-vibrant experiences that are windows to Spitian life.

Cook like a Local Say Yak Cheese! On a High @ 4000 mtrs Nun for a Day
Yak-Back Safari Evening of folk expression Session with an Amchi Mountain Biking
Spin your own Yak rope Bhuchen Performance Throw your own Pot

Experience life in Spiti as an insider while giving back meaningfully to the community.

Volunteer Programs specially crafted to perfectly match your passion and skills with the needs in Spiti.

Join us and get hands-on as we work collaboratively towards a sustainable future for Spiti.

The Chance of a Lifetime!

Travel & Volunteer

Your heart’s in it, but you’re short on time? Join curated travel programs where you can volunteer as you journey across the mesmerizing Spiti Valley. Capture the essence of true Spitian life and make a difference to their lives, leaving trails of happiness for everyone, everywhere.

Volunteer Programs

Run a Café, I Love Spiti, Farming Feats, Teaching at a Nunnery, Create for a Cause, Be a Changemaker, Healthcare Volunteer, Children’s Room, Teach in the Mountains


We are local and we are passionate. With us you will experience the hidden gems of Spiti like an insider.


What you pay for your trip goes directly towards creating local livelihoods and supporting various development & conservation projects in Spiti.


Your safety is our utmost priority. We ensure our trips and staff follow highest safety standards and protocols. Our guides are all first aid trained and air ambulance services are just a call away.


Traveling with us means you leave ZERO carbon footprint – all your emissions + more is offset by our award winning solar projects. We provide you reusable water bottles to ensure you don’t need to buy bottled water.


Internationally recognized as a leader in responsible travel and recommended by leading travel guides, magazines and blogs.

Dont just take our word for it!

  • Livelihoods &

    Enabling livelihoods that are linked closely to conservation of nature and cultural heritage

  • Carbon Reduction &
    Renewable Energy

    Harnessing the energy of the sun to provide clean solutions to Spitian homes and villages.

  • What you pay goes back directly to support these community initiatives.

    Your donations help us to replicate these manifold.

  • Balancing age-old mountain wisdom with looking into the future – our projects focus on conservation, economic empowerment and sustainable development contextual to Spiti’s ecosystem and culture.

  • Education

    Supporting & enhancing access to quality education

  • Healthcare

    Holistic healthcare interventions to ensure a better quality of life

  • Food Access &
    Enhanced Nutrition

    Building greenhouses to enable a year-round supply of fresh vegetables in the harsh climes of Spiti

  • Animal Welfare

    Feeding and sterilization of stray dogs for peaceful co-existence with local communities and preservation of the Spitian ecosystem

Eat | Stay | Shop

Make a difference simply by eating, staying and shopping with us!

Soul Food

Enjoy delicious finger licking food over great conversations and music in Kaza. Drop by at Ecosphere’s ‘Sol Café’ for the best coffees in town, delectable bakes and goodies from across the world! And ‘Taste of Spiti’ Restaurant for a fusion of Spiti food and World Cusine.

Comfortable Stays

Weary from being on-the-road? Ecosphere’s ‘Osel Rooms’ in Kaza provide safe, comfortable, and clean accommodation options for travellers. When travelling to the highland villages, stay with local hosts at our ‘Himalayan Homestays’ for unique and enriching experiences of Spitian life.

Feel-Good Shopping

Drop by at our shops at Sol Café & Taste of Spiti while in Kaza and take back souvenirs crafted with love and unforgettable memories of your time in Spiti!

Online storeBring the best of Spiti to your homes anytime!

Browse our online store for products uniquely Spitian.
From locally handcrafted souvenirs, Seabuckthorn jam and crush,
to t-shirts, mugs, postcards, notebooks, and magnets.

Take home some Spiti magic, give back to the Valley.

Proceeds from the above fund our Initaitives in Spiti

Join us

Come be a part of the ever-growing Ecosphere
Join us even when you can’t travel to Spiti. Volunteer with us from home or support initiatives in the Valley.


Our Story

We all have our own mountains to climb but the ones we climb for others are the most worthy and the most fulfilling.

Our story began in 2000 when a ride to Spiti on a Royal Enfield brought us face to face with mountains we had never experienced before – literally and figuratively!

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